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25 Years of Tyrolean Orchester Innstrumenti
“The Winner’s Song” Premiere 04.03.2023, Haus Der Musik Innsbruck
Photo by Amir Kaufman


Composition: Duality, Festival Lange Nacht Der Bühnen

klang_sprache Concert with Tiroler Kamerorchester Innstrumenti and a writer Anja Utler
Composition: fast eine antwort, aka S.O.S Terra
Photo by Innstrumenti

Premiere of Burj Khalifa with
Tiroler Kammerorchester InnStrumenti
Photos by: W. Lackner



Portrait concert Ivanas Emotions 10.11.2019, in Treffling Church, Upper Austria

One Moment for One Heart
and Rebell Rebirth 2019
at the Sonic Lab ABPU Linz


Festival Lange Nacht der Bühnen
Lentos, 16.11.2019

Photo by Reinhard Winkler

Festival Lange Nacht der Bühnen
Lentos, 10.11.2018

Photo by Reinhard Winkler
Dancer: Nikolaj Maximilian Klinger



Photo by Reinhard Winkler
Dancer: Seraphim Schuchter

Dancer: Alexandra Krzekotowska

Photo by Reinhard Winkler
Dancers: Alexandra Krzekotowska, Seraphim Schuchter and
Nikolaj Maximilian Klinger

VII Emotions


VII Emotions played by UMZE at the Budapest Music Center

Musik im Studio 2014 ORF Innsbruck


Musik im Studio 2015 – Rock’ n ‘Moll, ORF Innsbruck

Primi me danas
Universitätschor Innsbruck at the Dom Cathedral in Innsbruck

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