25 Years of Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra Innstrumenti
The Winner’s Song
04.03.2023 Haus Der Musik, Innsbruck

09-29.01.2023 Brest, France
29-19.02.2023 Dresden, Germany

Ensemble Wiener Collage
13.12.2023 Arnold Schönberg Center

Duality, Audio-Visual Performance
Festival Lange Nacht der Bühnen
11.06.2022, 20:00, Stadtpfarrkirche Urfahr, Linz

October Morning, 6 String Electric Violin Album Release by Veronique Serret “PRIMA VOLTA” 12.10.2022 https://corellarecs.lnk.to/PrimaVolta

Off To Another Planet,
for Piano
03.06.2022, Valley Presbyterian Church, Baltimore

Dream of Glass II,
Palais Pálffy, Vienna
22.05.2022, 15:00

VII Emotions

29.10.2021 – Akkordeon Tage in Linz

My Skin – Stage work for 2 dancers and one musician on stage
02.07.2021 -ABPU Linz

fast eine antwort 
Chamber Orchestra
12.06.2021 – ORF Studio Tirol, Innsbruck 20.15

Song for my FatherPiano and Saxophone
09.06.2021 – Palais Palffi, Vienna 19.30

Sorry, I don’t know that one Dancer, Alexa and Electronics
05.02.2021 – ABPU Linz

Sketches for LeePiano and Electronics
28.01.2020 – SonicLab ABPU Linz
29.05.2020 – Mudita, Japan

VII Emotions – Accordion and string trio
17.01.2020 Budapest Music Center

Song for my Father – Strings, E-Piano, E-Bass and Drums
28.12.2019 Treibhaus, Innsbruck

Nostalgia and Song for my Father for Orchestra, E-Guitar and Live electronics
30.11.2019 Rubble Master, Linz 19.30

Shelter – Dancers, Electronics, Light, Accordion, Violin, Cello and Drums
16.11.2019 Lentos 22.30


Solo Concert in Treffling (Overload, Shelter, VII Emotions, Dream of Glass)
10.11.2019 Pfarre Treffling, 7 p.m.


Dream of Glass – Guitar, string trio and live electronics
07.05.2019 ORF Studio 3, Innsbruck, 8 p.m.

VII Emotions- Accordion and string trio
26.04.2019 Kunstmuseum Lentos Linz, 19.30

One Moment for One Heart – for a Flute and live electronics
16.01.2019 Kleiner Saal
Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, 19:30

Overload – for 2 drummers, 3 dancers, video and live electronics
11.06.2018 Studiobühne
Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, 7 p.m.
10.11.2018 Kunstmuseum Lentos Linz, 22.30

El Deseo Profundo and VII Emotions- Accordion and string trio
29.01.2018 SONIC LAB
Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, 7 p.m.

Burj Khalifa– Tiroler Kammerorchester InnStrumenti10.03.2018 Canisianum, Innsbruck, 8 p.m.

Milica –   Tiroler Kammerorchester InnStrumenti
17.06.2016 ORF Landesstudio, Innsbruck,  20.15

October Morning
Six string E-Violin will be performed by
amazing Violin Artist Veronique Serret
12.12.2015  Campbelltown Arts Centr, Australia

Ins Sein –  First Prize winning composition on  Tiroler Sängerbund’s
composition competition 2014 – Male voice choir  (Männerchor)
Premiere:  31.05.2015  großen Saal des Kulturzentrums
„Vier und Einzig“ (Hallerstraße.41)   6 p.m.

Rock ‘n’ Moll -String Quintet, Singing bowl (Klangschalen)
and Marimba
Premiere:  Musik im Studio  05.05.2015
ORF Innsbruck, Studio 3    8 p.m.

Little Piece for Orchestra  : PREMIERE 07.03.2015 Canisianum Innsbruck ( Tiroler Kammerorchester InnStrumenti)

Deine Rosen an der Brust – Piano and Mezzo-soprano solo
Premiere: 04.02.2015 Konservatorium Innsbruck
                       20.04.2015 Mozarteum Salzburg

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